Hi, I'm
Chairman of Octerra Capital. My unwavering belief in Africa’s potential, its youth and my passion to create a progressive society has inspired this journey. With the objective of improving the most critical aspects of our daily lives, I started my career as a computer scientist and in-vehicle systems designer. Subsequently, I joined one of sub-Saharan Africa’s leading energy solutions providers with the understanding that the continents socio-economic growth is hinged on the eventual provision of affordable energy across Africa.

Much like energy, the digital revolution is critical to the next phase of the Africa’s evolution and prosperity. This future will be catalysed by research and development geared towards the Continent’s challenges. I am particularly excited about young and vibrant entrepreneurs, who are passionate about taking on these challenges and driving sustainable growth on the continent.

It would be my pleasure to transform Africa with you. Let’s get to work.

Hello, I'm

Managing Partner at Octerra Capital. As a diversity, equity and inclusion advocate, I‘m especially inspired by the audacious, bold and impactful ideas brought to us by Founders from diverse backgrounds. My experience working in Finance and Tech, as well as scaling multinational organisations, drives my appreciation for the use of technology across all sectors to solve real every day challenges.

I enjoy learning about new ideas, technologies and approaches and believe in the renaissance of the African continent, led by African innovators and change-makers.

I‘m thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to working with you.