Africa’s Narrative with You

At Octerra our mission transcends beyond ideas, we invest in visionaries that are challenging the status-quo
and transforming Africa. We empower ingenious
minds that we believe will build the Africa of tomorrow.

Through partnering and enabling potential solutions, we create meaningful growth, empower talent across the African ecosystem, and aspire to rewrite the narrative of this great continent with you.

With our investments, we aim to positively impact and improve the socio-economic landscape,
we are firmly positioned to be the catalyst that spurs a true African transformation.
Join our portfolio of visionaries
building the Africa of tomorrow
Our culture at Octerra is inspired by the innovators and visionaries that challenge the status quo,
this is what drives us in our quest to create the Africa of tomorrow, today.

“Aid should shift to investment, this will help countries stand on their own”

Jacob G. Zuma, President of South Africa